Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Rachel Recommends #2 | Anna and a The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Anna Oliphant has big plans for her senior year in Atlanta: hang out with her best friend, Bridgette, and flirt with her coworker at the Royal Midtown 14 multiplex. So she is none too happy when her father sends her off to boarding school in Paris. However, things begin to look up when she meets √Čtienne St. Clair, a gorgeous guy–with a girlfriend. As he and Anna become closer friends, things get infinitely more complicated. Will Anna get her French kiss? Or are some things just not meant to be? Perkins has written a delightful debut novel with refreshingly witty characters. The chapters are concise, and the steady pacing leading up to the “will they or won't they?” moments will capture even reluctant readers. Teens will feel like they are strolling through the City of Lights in this starry-eyed story of finding love when you least expect it. 
Genre: young adult , contemporary , romance 
Cuteness: 10/10 
Sadness: 2/10
Humour: 9/10

I've read Anna and The French Kiss twice now and I love it even more after 2 reads.  If you are about to fall into a reading slump after a big series , pick this book up! It's jam-packed with hilarious characters and a cute romance that'll make you (almost) forget the sadness from your last read! 

You could also read it for no reason other than wanting to read a good book or maybe you want to read more contemporary books , either way this is the book for you! It's fast paced and very character driven. I find that studying abroad is something that I like to read about as I'll never have the experience (that is a long story) but I can get a taste of what it would be like through books like this.  

If you read this book and want to read more books in the same style , Lola and the boy next door is a companion novel to it. Anna and Etienne appear in Lola and the boy next door which is fun , but it stands on it's own! Same goes for the next book Isla and the happily ever after! 

Tell me if you've read this book or if I have convinced you to add it to your TBR.


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