Sunday, 22 November 2015

Thirty-Five and a Half Conspiracies by Denise Grover Swank | Review

Genre: Murder Mystery , Romance , Adult
Publisher: DGS
Publication date: November 6th 2015
Rating: ✰✰✰✰✰

Rose Gardner has survived plenty of close scrapes in the past, but her latest bit of trouble has landed her in the Fenton County holding cell on trumped up charges. The most powerful man in southern Arkansas, J.R. Simmons, is determined to put her behind bars for good and destroy everything she holds dear, including her boyfriend, Mason, and her friend Skeeter, reigning king of the Fenton County crime world. In a stunning betrayal, it seems as if J.R.’s son, Rose’s ex-boyfriend, might have turned tail and joined his father.

But Rose doesn’t have to face this fight alone. Her tight-knit group of friends is dedicated to helping her figure out—and foil—J.R.’s plan for ruining her, Mason, and Skeeter. But even with their support and the use of her special power, Rose is at a disadvantage. J.R. is a criminal mastermind who has been using his money, power, and web of influence to hide his conspiracies for years. How can she hope to find solid evidence implicating someone who’s mastered the art of not getting caught?

Time is running out, and soon Rose realizes that reassuming her role of the Lady in Black might be her only chance at ferreting out the evidence that will save them all. In so doing, she will risk not only her life, but the possibility that her secret identity will be unveiled to all.

Thirty-Five and a Half Conspiracies is the 8th book in the Rose Gardner Mystery Series by Denise Grover Swank. It's a long series but it's one of my favourites. Rose starts off  naive and dependent and grows spectacularly into a strong and intelligent woman. She's hilarious , cute and bad-ass and I can't imagine how anybody could dislike her. 

We pick right where Thirty-Four finished and we jump right back into the action! The plot was fast paced and as intense as any Rose Gardner book is but I felt like there was much more at stake in this one particularly. 

This series probably has my favourite bunch of characters and I adore the relationship between them! I love the relationships between Rose and Neely Kate and the (difficult) relationship of her and Joe the most because they've been there since the start but I love the new relationships too! Friendship and love are definitely huge themes in this series and Grover Swank shows us not only the type of love that Rose has for Mason and Neely Kate but also the type she has for Skeeter and Jed.

As for the big question ,Team Mason or Team Joe? Well despite the fact that I don't dislike Rose and Mason together I'm still Team Joe! Rose always talks about how she loves Joe McAllister not Joe Simmons but Joe loved simply Rose rather than Lady In Black Rose. I think they still love each other because even though they've both changed , the foundation of who they loved is still there. As you can see I'm still hopeful.

I love reading this series and I cannot wait for the next book! Denise Grover Swank has done it yet again! 

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