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The Impact That Bloggers Have On Book Sales | Discussion

I always love to write discussion posts and when I was thinking of some ideas , I came up with a topic that I was genuinely curious about. Do book bloggers have an impact on book sales? If so , what type of impact. Publishers send ARCs out to book bloggers and booktubers so surely , they know what they're doing , right? The thing that confuses me is that if we take an extremely popular book in the bookish online community like Throne Of Glass by Sarah J Maas and look at how popular it is outside of the community and it's really not. I can only speak from my own personal experience but I have never heard of someone reading the series unless I recommended it to them. It's not even sold in many book shops here! 

So how big is the impact that we have on book sales and why do publisher's invest in our promotion?

One of the biggest reasons a book would sell because of the blogging community would be recommendations. Some of my friends come to me because they know that I've read a lot of books that they've never even heard about and they recommend it to someone they know and so on and so on. 

There are also A LOT of book bloggers. Whether or not a book sells much outside of the community , it can still do amazingly if we love it. At the end of the day , we are a community of book lovers so who else would they aim their promotion at?

I wanted to know what other people thought about this topic. Here's what the people I contacted had to say on this topic.

"Do ARCs and blog tours have an impact on book sales , in your opinion?"

"As a reader of blogs, I think it does. Especially when there is hype around a certain book, I'll make a note to add it to my TBR. I think ARC reviews are more effective than blog tours because I sometimes feel that blog tours get repetitive and it actually makes me lose interest in the book." - Jess from Princessica Of Books.

 "I think it definitely has. There's so many book bloggers out there, and of course, we all buy books. I'm not sure if the reviews would reach the rest of the world, though. I don't think quotes in books do much, but if you check Goodreads, lots of popular reviews would convince you a bit!" -Denise from The Bibliolater 

"It's difficult for me to prove how useful book bloggers are in terms of increasing book sales. That being said, every book blogger that I have met has been so passionate about literature that it seems impossible not to be affected by their enthusiasm. Bloggers will shout about the novels they love online and that word of mouth power can not be discounted." - Louise O'Neill , author of Only Ever Yours and Asking For It.

I also put up a twitter poll about this topic...These were the results. 

I think I would have voted either of them as well. I think that the most important thing that I learned while making this post was that book blogging may not have a massive impact on book sales but it has a very important one. I guess that that's the only answer we'll ever get , and that's okay with me.

I want to end this post by linking an article that I found while researching for this post. It's basically an author explaining to other authors that she thinks book bloggers are wonderful!

I'd love if we could continue this discussion down in the comments!  

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