Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Ch ch ch ch changes?

I love blogging but lately I haven't been reading as much as usual and I feel like I can't blog if there are no books to discuss. This has been frustrating me for a while now but it dawned on me today that it's my blog so I can do whatever I want with it. Right now I'm reading and enjoying White Queen by Philippa Gregory but it's a heavy book and I don't want to feel the need to rush it to review it. Basically I decided that I want to change the way I blog and post whatever I want.

Reading is a huge passion of mine but it's only one passion! I love art and history but I never speak of it. I'm getting really into movies and I felt like I couldn't talk about that. Basically I want this blog to remain as a mainly book blog but I want to incorporate my other loves into it as a sort of book/lifestyle blog. 

I'd love to do more movie reviews , photo diaries , art related posts and just general personal features. 

Tell me what you think or if there's any type of lifestyle post you'd like to see!

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